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If you are looking to open a business of your very own, you are not alone. Every year more and more people make the decision to stop working to make other people rich and to start their own businesses. For most of them, having the start-up capital that is needed is harder than one might think.

For the young aspiring entrepreneur, raising capital is a must if they want their company to be successful. There are resources that you can get right here in this eBook, which can help you raise capital for your business.

These are very important things to know if you want to win that crucial investment from institutional investors, private equity and venture capital firms.

These And More You Will Get In This eBook

  • Learn How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Poor Business Plan
  • 5 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make when Seeking Venture Capital
  • Having Trouble Getting the Funding You Need?
  • How to Pitch Your Company to an Investor
  • Find an investor whose stage preferences match your company.
  • Instead of blindly shooting arrows in the air, hit the target!
  • Groundbreaking Method to Raise Capital for Your Startup Company
  • Find Your Investor By Looking at His Portfolio
  • How can you keep control over your company when negotiating with investors?
  • Raise Venture Capital in One Click
  • Learn How to Avoid the Pitfalls of a Poor Business Plan
  • Tips on the Elements of a Great Business Plan
  • Why Have You Not Found Your Company's Investors Yet?
  • How much is Enough Planning?
  • So you're looking for Venture Capital, right?
  • FREE Webinar: The Secrets of Raising Money
  • #1 Reason Why Businesses Fail (And How to Avoid It)
  • How You Survive the Investor's Due Diligence Process

Easily Locate And Contact More Than 5,100 Venture Capital, Angel Investors And Private Equity Investors.

Your search for venture capital, Private Equity or angel investor is over… Here’s your opportunity to get the best possible chance available to receive the capital you need -- in the least amount of time. Save precious time and energy and focus on growing your business, not chasing money!

At Last…You Can Stack The Deck In Your Favour

You’ve got a great product or service, you’ve tested and you know that the right people will pay for what you’re offering. You’ve done your homework.

Now what you need to do is to stack the deck in your favor to get the capital you need to get your product or service to the people – And that’s exactly how we can help.

You may have tried to raise venture capital for your business before – only to realize how difficult it can be to locate the right investor and that’s where we come in…

To Find Angel Investors Browse Our Database Today

Our team of software developers, internet researchers, and venture capital specialists have worked together to give you the best chance possible to get your new business or your expansion funded quickly and easily.

Whether you need capital to launch your new product -- increase sales revenue -- hire employees -- or expand your operations - Our easy to use software gives you a comprehensive global database of Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and Private Equity Investors to meet all of your venture capital needs.

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